My Irose in Tech Experiences

The iRose in Tech program has helped me in many different ways. It has helped me to know about my strengths and weaknesses, my career choices, what success looks likes to me, my dream job and my values. First we spoke about my weak areas where I am not strong in like being out spoken.  During my time here I was not able to speak out loud and project my voice but days after days I learned that it was easy, all I had to do was have confidence in myself.

Next we spoke about my 5 strengths, these are Strategic, Arranger, Responsibility, Adaptability and Positivity. We also look at my  career choices and this was where I was able to find my final career choice among  the multiple that I had.  Then we looked at what success looks like which is achieving  what you had planed and have a family. After we look at what a dream job is and how to achieve them. Finally we spoke about my values which are  health, love,  Honesty, Relationship and family.

What Success looks like to me

See the source image Success to me is completing my studies within school and getting a good job.  In the next five years, I will complete my studies at Gaynstead high school, leaving with all my subjects in CSEC. Currently, I am not sure of which career path I would like to study. However I would like to be a pediatrician, a speech therapist or a language teacher. I would like to achieve a diploma from my high school and after graduating go straight into pursuing my studies at University. This will help me to receive a Bachelor’s degree that would help me to get closer to my dream. After achieving all of this , I will be able to consider myself as an successful individual.


My five strengths

On Saturday we had a session where we learnt about our strengths.  A card was given to each of us that displayed our signature themes. I discovered that my signature themes are : strategic , arranger, responsibility, adaptability and positivity. I was shocked as I didn’t realize , I had these strengths within me.

We went further into discussing about my five strengths and how they relate to me. My top five strengths are strategic, arranger, responsibility , adaptability and positivity. The first strength we discussed was about my strategic thinking, which explains how I analyze information and situations that seems to help me better.  Next we move on to my arranger which speaks about how I determine all my resources and my pieces to arrange for my maximum productivity. Further on we move on to my responsibilities this is where I realize that even though things might be challenging at times,  once I put my mind towards it I can achieve  it. We then looked at  adaptability this is where I accept situations as they are and try to make the best out of it. Lastly,  we looked at my positivity and it stated that I have  prove to others my expectation and my contagious enthusiasm.

In conclusion, these signature themes accurately describes me as an individual.




Thank you

Firstly I  would like to thank God for creating me in order for me to a part of this programme because if it wasn’t god I wouldn’t be able to see  and meet all these wonderful facilitator’s and meet all these young girls.

I would like to thank the Sandals  foundation and Coca ‘Cola  for providing the YCDIs with internet , computers and money to make this programme  possible. If it wasn’t for this programme I wouldn’t be able to discover about my weaknesses and strengths. This programme had helped me in many different ways it helped me in


Why I Joined iRose in Tech?

I have several specific reasons why I join this  Programme, I decided that instead of wasting my time doing leisure things that waste important time, I realized  that I  needed to spend my time doing  things that can give me a start in life. This Programme can give me experience that will  lead me towards achieving my goals.  IRose in tech is a tech immersive programme where girls will have technical  and personal development workshops.

Workshops include website development, learning about their strengths, personal branding and resume writing. My aim  in this programme is to engage, gravitate , to be educated and to be empowered to be a good person. My main focus is how to become  a paediatrician, English teacher or a speech therapist. This programme can now give me a start in practicing on getting my focus together, to  be disciplined and to give me guidance on the steps needed to take for my future career.