Why I Joined iRose in Tech?

I have several specific reasons why I join this  Programme, I decided that instead of wasting my time doing leisure things that waste important time, I realized  that I  needed to spend my time doing  things that can give me a start in life. This Programme can give me experience that will  lead me towards achieving my goals.  IRose in tech is a tech immersive programme where girls will have technical  and personal development workshops.

Workshops include website development, learning about their strengths, personal branding and resume writing. My aim  in this programme is to engage, gravitate , to be educated and to be empowered to be a good person. My main focus is how to become  a paediatrician, English teacher or a speech therapist. This programme can now give me a start in practicing on getting my focus together, to  be disciplined and to give me guidance on the steps needed to take for my future career.