What Success looks like to me

See the source image Success to me is completing my studies within school and getting a good job.  In the next five years, I will complete my studies at Gaynstead high school, leaving with all my subjects in CSEC. Currently, I am not sure of which career path I would like to study. However I would like to be a pediatrician, a speech therapist or a language teacher. I would like to achieve a diploma from my high school and after graduating go straight into pursuing my studies at University. This will help me to receive a Bachelor’s degree that would help me to get closer to my dream. After achieving all of this , I will be able to consider myself as an successful individual.


My five strengths

On Saturday we had a session where we learnt about our strengths.  A card was given to each of us that displayed our signature themes. I discovered that my signature themes are : strategic , arranger, responsibility, adaptability and positivity. I was shocked as I didn’t realize , I had these strengths within me.

We went further into discussing about my five strengths and how they relate to me. My top five strengths are strategic, arranger, responsibility , adaptability and positivity. The first strength we discussed was about my strategic thinking, which explains how I analyze information and situations that seems to help me better.  Next we move on to my arranger which speaks about how I determine all my resources and my pieces to arrange for my maximum productivity. Further on we move on to my responsibilities this is where I realize that even though things might be challenging at times,  once I put my mind towards it I can achieve  it. We then looked at  adaptability this is where I accept situations as they are and try to make the best out of it. Lastly,  we looked at my positivity and it stated that I have  prove to others my expectation and my contagious enthusiasm.

In conclusion, these signature themes accurately describes me as an individual.




Thank you

Firstly I  would like to thank God for creating me in order for me to a part of this programme because if it wasn’t god I wouldn’t be able to see  and meet all these wonderful facilitator’s and meet all these young girls.

I would like to thank the Sandals  foundation and Coca ‘Cola  for providing the YCDIs with internet , computers and money to make this programme  possible. If it wasn’t for this programme I wouldn’t be able to discover about my weaknesses and strengths. This programme had helped me in many different ways it helped me in